Theron Crawford

Author, Genealogist, and Content Writer

there is no beginning and no ending

just a perpetual journey through time

dedicated to learning new things about being

careful to examine perspectives from every angle

in the restless quest to know and to understand

with hope to accept and rest

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Karoo Stories

"Meet the delightful, and sometimes quirky characters as they gather at stock-fairs, church services, coffee-shops, boys hostels, and under the starry night skies to share their experiences of the old Karoo. Karoo Stories will Delight" Graaff Reinet Advertiser, July 21.


"Theron Crawford has taken four men from completely different backgrounds and written them into an emotive and realistic record of the South African Border War.Well written, by an author who actually fought in the Angolan Bush War, this is a poignant novel based on the realities and futility of war." Africa Talked, Nov 21.

My Father's Child

"Theron Crawford takes the reader on a heartfelt journey through the dramatic events of the time. The backdrop he paints is a chronologically correct and factually accurate account of the Anglo-Boer War." SCRIBD, May 23.

I finally got to indulge myself in the book you blessed me with ‘My Fathers Child.’
I just wanted to thank you once again for the book. And a super big thank you for your autograph!!!! I’m so grateful. 
I thoroughly enjoyed the read and was captivated emotionally throughout the book ( and what a emotional stir up it was , the tension, anticipation, hope, joy, frustration, anger, relief , etc. ) And the fact that it is of our own historical background makes it more captivating. Maria being her own person and refusing to surrender and endure for so many years! Inspiring. 
Wow! You are a brilliant author. I very much appreciate your writing style.
I absolutely have to read Karoo Stories and Omutenge.

Thank you Mr. Crawford 

Kindest Regards 

But Yet I Do

But Yet I Do

So often in life, punctuated with a rupture,
Presents opportunity for new structure,
A chance to reflect on your life,
Seldom without many a tragedy rife.

Then it is time to lake leave of those that came before.
Best left to drown in the pity of their own rapour,
Demonstrating yet again the universal truism,
Individuals are the sum of their singular realism.

Then it is time to let go of those that came after,
Yet to determine their place in the hereafter,
Smitten by the reality of their own frailism,
Sadly, so divorced from their own realism.

Bringing me to my own conclusion,
The very hard-earned resolution,
That, indeed life is too short, pregnant with impurity,
To worry too much about other's insecurity.

“But man is not made for defeat… A man can be destroyed but not defeated.”
Ernest Hemmingway, The Old Man and The Sea, 1952"