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I have fond memories of the times I accompanied my grandfather on his daily chores on the farm, his visits to neighbouring farmers, and his trips to town to attend to farming issues. It is during these times that I picked up on many stories and incidents as I listened in on conversations. This is my small contribution to preserving these stories for generations to come.


Set mainly in the greater Graaff-Reinet area, the tales are a recount of my own experiences or from things I heard as a young boy while accompanying my grandfathers to local gatherings in the mid-20th century. A time when the Karoo was struggling to recover from its frontier past and the scars left from the Anglo-Boer war, and the more recent Great Depression.







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Readers will meet the delightful and sometimes quirky characters as they gather at stock fairs, church services, coffee shops, boys' hostels and under starry night skies to share their stories. Experience a range of emotions as you read a sad ending to an intense love match, doomed even before it began, and about how a local farmer deployed celestial forces to put a stop to theft on his farm, not to mention the time Oom Smitty had to take his own medicine!


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by Theron Crawford

The Karoo is a place of mystery, vast plains and mountains with unique flora and fauna, disused tracks where pioneers ventured and once-frontier towns with their own distinctive architecture and history.

It is against this backdrop that Theron Crawford remembers accompanying his grandfather working around the farm, visiting neighbours and trips to town in the mid-20th century.  As only a young boy can be, Crawford was fascinated by the stories he heard, the sharing of what had happened and what was expected to happen, the fun and the hardships, births and deaths amongst the widespread community.
Karoo Stories is a collection of twelve stories, where Crawford recounts his own experiences and those he heard whilst growing up, mostly in the Graaff-Reinet area.  He introduces us to old-timers who had memories of the Anglo-Boer war, clever thieves, some strange ghostly happenings, and his adventures of being a young boy, adding to the fascinating history of this frontier land.  A charming and captivating book of tales that will delight many readers.